Guide to Healthy Shoulders: At Home Rehab

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"Sports Performance's Guide to Healthy Shoulders was life changing for me. Before starting this program, I couldn't even raise my hands above my own head, my activities with my granddaughter was very limited, I just couldn't do the things I wanted to. After using the Guide to Healthy Shoulders, I can work out at the gym, my shoulders are now my favorite body part to work out. I can work out my chest, I can reach for something again without sharp pains, the simple things are finally simple again. I owe this all to the Guide to Healthy Shoulders. I will continue to recommend this program for anyone who needs help with their shoulders, no doubt about it." S. Kimmel

This remote rehab program is perfect for people who suffer from limited range of motion due to a shoulder injury, for someone who has weak and unstable shoulders, or someone who needs to improve their posture and the current state of their shoulder is limiting their quality of life and exercise. This program is applicable and has been proven effective for individuals who can't reach for everyday objects without excruciating pain, can't perform certain exercise movements due to their limited range of motion, or even someone who has a shoulder impingement, this program will also improve your posture, making things like working from home less painful and easier to do. If this sounds like you, the Guide to Healthy Shoulders is the perfect fit for you.