Guide to Healthy Knees: At-Home Program

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 "I was really scared that my knees were just going to keep getting worse and worse and that I wasn't going to be able to do what I love. My spot on my soccer team was up for grabs because I couldn't even get through a practice or game without excruciating pain and multiple rest breaks. My weight training and conditioning was suffering because I couldn't even stand the pressure and sharp pains my knees were giving. My mom found Guide to Healthy Knees by Sports Performance and we were skeptical at first but after even 2 weeks in, things like jogging and dribbling drills weren't as painful and I could squat again during weight training practices. I went through the whole program and was not only able to keep my spot on the soccer team, but I'm proud to announce that I'll continue playing soccer this fall at my college. I can't say enough how much Guide to Healthy Knees not only helped my knees but gave me back the ability to do what I love." T. Sherard

This remote rehab program is perfect for people who are suffering from chronic knee pain, have experienced an ACL, MCL, or even patella tear or surgery, or someone who just want to bulletproof their knees to keep up with the demand of their job, everyday life or venturing into a new sport/activity of choice. The Guide to Healthy Knees has been proven effective for clients as young as 15 years old who needed to rehab from an ACL surgery to clients as mature as 62 years old who thought they needed a double knee replacement. Both individuals are now stronger, more resilient, and are enjoying life without chronic knee pain and doing what they love. If this sounds like you, the Guide to Healthy Knees is the perfect fit for you.