Guide to a Healthy Back: At-Home Program

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Build a healthier back using our comprehensive program, filled with strength drills, stretching exercises, and fitness tips.

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  • Build a healthier back using our 6-week comprehensive program, filled with strength drills, stretching exercises, and fitness tips. Minimal equipment is needed in this program to help you get the healthiest back you've ever had! 


  • Are you looking to compliment your already healthy back with greater mobility? Or are you training through an achy back? Are you in need of improving your posture? YOU need the Guide to a Healthy Back!


  • In this comprehensive, low equipment, back strength, and stability course, you will learn how to strengthen your back weaknesses, increase mobility throughout your everyday functions, and keep you training with less pain and greater stability.


“After 18 years of active duty service, the day-to-day wear and tear started to take a heavy toll! My wife suggested years ago that I should seek therapy...outside of the military. The "treatment" the military gives you was mediocre at best. Twelve different sessions the military gave was a complete joke. Six months ago my wife stumbled upon Sports Performance. After researching, she bought me their "Guide to a Healthy Back". After one phase I knew we'd stumbled upon something great! THE best money I've spent in a long time! By the second phase of the program, much of the pain was greatly reduced. I'm not the type to just brag about anything, but if you need help and don't have a lot of free time to go into a physical therapist, this program is for you!" -A. Warren 

This remote rehab program is perfect for people who suffer from chronic back pain and are wanting to get rid of it, for good. This program is applicable and has been proven effective for individuals who suffer from chronic low back pain, sciatica, general back pain, and general back stiffness and tightness. If daily things like sitting for long periods of time hurt you, or getting up after sitting is excruciating, standing for work is painful and you can't even exercise the way you want to because of your back, or you just want to enjoy life without this chronic issue, this is the guide for you. If this sounds like you, the Guide to a Healthy Back is the perfect fit for you.