BOGO 10% OFF Perfect Pillow Combo

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Our BOGO 10% off sale is perfect for you to have your exclusive perfect pillow at home and your travel pillow for when you're on the go.

Sleeping will be a problem of the past once you experience a pillow as comfortable and customizable adapted just for you, like this one.

We are huge proponents of good flexibility, strengthening your shoulder blades, and stabilizing those important neck muscles.

BUT…. what happens when you sleep?! If you are spending hours in a position that is not right for you, pain or headaches may be the result.

We now have a SOLUTION for you!

It only takes 2-3 minutes to complete a custom pillow assessment. We measure specific regions of your head, neck, and shoulders. We then take note of the firmness of your mattress and preferred sleeping position. This helps determine the right pillow for your needs.

Save today when you purchase 2 pillows (travel and individual) and come in as soon as tomorrow to get measured and receive your pillows that day if we have them in stock, or one week from then! 

*Domestic shipping option available, only inside the U.S.*